Interesting Facts

1. Butterflies in cold environments? believe it or not, there are about 44 species of butterflies living in the Arctic, so these beautiful insects should not only relate to the spring or sunny landscapes.

2. The Arctic Circle is the imaginary line around the Arctic.

3. Antarctica is colder than the Arctic region. While in the North Pole the record temperature was -68 °C in the south pole it has been of -93.2 °C.

4. The most iconic Arctic species are polar bears and walruses, but there are hundreds of species of mammals.

5. Mosses and lichens are the type of vegetation that can be found in the Arctic.

6. In the Arctic there are NO penguins.

7. Whales represent larger wildlife.Melting iceberg

8. There are nights that last more than one day (polar night) and days they also last longer than 24 hours (polar day).

9. The Arctic is the “fridge” of our planet, as it prevents the earth from overheating.

10. Exxon Valdez was one of the worst environmental disasters caused by humans, since it killed hundreds of thousands of birds and other mammals.

11. The famous and amazing Arctic aurora borealis phenomena are produced by the collision of solar gases in the earth’s magnetic field. In south of the earth these are known as aurora australis.

12. The Indigenous cultures of Inuit and Yupik are one of the most representative of the Arctic regions, although other ethnic groups are also part of that territory.

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