What is needed for a trip to the Arctic?

When we think of traveling or on vacation, perhaps the first thing that comes to mind is an image of a paradisiac beach, palm trees, sun, sea, nature and everything that brings us rest and comfort.
Some people differ from these concepts and seek to delve into more mysterious and remote regions far from human disturbance, where adventure and risk are the protagonists, and for this, the Arctic is a perfect place. Access to this region is no easy task, as not many travel agency offer a cold holiday season in Greenland and the baggage you must bring is far from being the lightest.
Can you imagine to see by the northern lights, glaciers, whales, and above all, feel the purity of clean air?

Any trip that we can plan may present some complications, mishaps or incidents, but when it comes to the Arctic complications increase a little bit. We must remember that the weather, the terrain, routes and transport to be used, will not be equal to having chosen a trip to the Bahamas or India.

There are few, but safe travel agencies specializing in tours to the Arctic, mainly bound for Greenland. These offer greater safety to the inexperienced traveler who want to go to those latitudes of the earth for the first time, but also offer amazing adventures to people with a little more experience.
Briefly, visitors must get three very important things : experienced guides , fluid communications and good navigation equipment, which is why we need to investigate very well to whom will be trust our journey and what they offer us.
Usually, they select routes according to the qualities and preferences of the traveler. For novices or for those making the trip for the first time, they will recommend a quieter and less risky route. For experts looking to gain some level of exploration, they can choose the most complicated routes, where they will need to have excellent physical condition and a challenging mindset, as they will be transferred to distant, isolated and inhospitable terrain.

In some of the places that offer this type of excursions, you can rent equipment for entertainment or personal protection, such as skis, polar mittens, polar parkas, sleeping bags, tents, satellite locators, among other items.

Hikers, meanwhile, must also be good travelers and follow certain rules, such as obeying the directions of professionals. Intuition of a moment is not the same as having many years of experience; remember that these people are professionals and have made that same excursion tens or hundreds of times.

Expeditions to the Arctic.

Expeditions to the Arctic.

Respect the Arctic

Littering or leave residue that could affect animal life is a total lack of respect and responsibility. Let’s be honorable visitors. It is a place that very few people get to know and those that have the means to do so should feel very privileged.

Go with learner’s mindset

Moments of fun can arise at any time of the trip giving us precious memories, but the main focus after traveling so far, is to understand and assess the situation prevailing in the Arctic, and appreciate all the natural resources that the region offers to the world.

Respect the cultures living in that region

The Inuit and other indigenous groups distributed across various areas like Greenland, Denmark and Siberia, are even anatomically adapted to such weather conditions and have very different customs to populations around the world. They live by hunting and fishing, all to feed and support their families. Watching and learning is the best we can do to have an unforgettable experience.

Ideally, the person who wishes to visit the Arctic will report on existing cultures, climate, fauna, natural phenomena and the conditions that must be confronted. That will make the trip much more enjoyable because prior knowledge will make you appreciate the moments more and enjoy further this magnificent expedition.

Are Arctic trips expensive?

Yes they are. It’s not a very visited place and very few flights are heading to these destinations. The low demand increases the cost of the ticket, since all airline costs must be covered. With no roads, transportation must be done by boats or helicopters. Tour guides should also receive a good pay and if we want to rent equipment for the snow, that will be another expense from our pocket. It is best to know all the rates and make a spending plan to adjust to your economy. Via email you can also contact a professional who has had that experience to give you his best advice. If digital media can now give us that opportunity, it is best to make the most of them.

What we can say is that all this will be a waste if you do not carry with us the main thing: an open and cooperative mind. For it is not a trip that includes a spa and amenities like we have at home or in the best five star hotels, but something different, extra ordinary and totally unforgettable.


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