What is the Arctic?

The Arctic is a very cold region located in the northern or north part of our planet and surrounding the North Pole. The Arctic includes Greenland, parts of Canada, Russia, Alaska, Norway, Finland, Iceland, Sweden, the neighboring islands and the Arctic Ocean. Amazing polar phenomena, endemic fauna, unique landscapes and balance in global temperature, is part of what gives us this wonderful natural paradise.

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Facts about the Arctic

Learn the most interesting facts about the Arctic.

Did you know that there is plant life, a huge amount of species and even several indigenous groups have settled in this extremely cold region?

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“This fight against drilling in the Arctic Refuge is a fight about our principles. It’s about standing up for our environment, our families and our future”

Senator John Kerry

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Ursus maritimus is a carnivorous predator that balances the population of the species it preys upon and therefore their ecological role is fundamental. Changes in the temperature seriously affect polar bear’s life.

Industrial fishing, the territorial conflict between nations and oil exploration have caused part of the Arctic to turn from a beautiful and natural landscape, into a place threatened and soiled by the presence of man.

In recent decades, around 2,560,000 square kilometers of sea ice have disappeared. Some scientists indicate that by 2040, the summers of this region will have completely melted the snow, causing less cold winters and most wildlife to be in an alarming danger of extinction.

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